Thies Family History


Our family history runs deep, just like our deep river valley soils. My great, great grandfather established Thies Farm in 1885. Through the generations the Farm has continued, today in Maryland Heights my wife, Cindy and I proudly continue our family farming tradition. We came to Maryland Heights and began farming in 1991, as our Thies Farm & Market operation expanded, from it's orginally location. During our time here, or business has grown significently, for which we are very greatful. Unable to buy property, we have always leased our buildings and property through our different land owners. Aware of pending urban development, we have always lacked long-term, deep-rooted security. We have grown to love our many friends and loyal customers. We will continue to farm as long as we have ground to farm, and our health to farm it! Thank you all so much, come see us soon and see whats new!

From the Owner

Every method and practice utilized by Thies Farm & Market aims to conserve precious natural resources. Having the farm market On-Site allows us to reduce the harmful impacts of transportation. Our market also allow us to bring our customers quality homegrown produce that is literally fresh from the fields. Produce is picked when ripe and available that same day. There is no need to harvest crops prematurely to prolong shelf life and no need to use preservatives, waxes or other artificial additives.